Tenancy management

Professional real estate management

Tenancy management consists in a comprehensive handling of the apartment tenancy. Home Broker experts will create for you the tenancy offer, they will find tenants, maintain a constant contact with them, control payments, ensure professional care over the apartment and everything that is located there.

Zarzadzanie najmem

The service of tenancy management refers to:

Preparation of the real estate for renting
With a long-lasting experience in contacts with tenants we know what you shall pay your attention to. We offer advice how to refresh your apartment after the previous tenant, what shall be changed with regard to the interior if the apartment is already arranged or how to design its arrangement if you are at the stage of arranging. Owners of apartments often arrange them as a the turnkey offer, meeting their taste - unique and interesting interiors are created for huge budgets, however, they turn out to be very difficult to be rented out. We will show you how to arrange an apartment ideal for renting.
Real estate renting out of and care of them
The efficient verification and assessment of the potential tenant constitute the key for success. The above mentioned allows to minimize the risk related to unreliable, problematic persons or persons burdensome to the neighbors. Our competitive advantage is the access to an appropriate base of potential tenants. Signing of the contract as well as a series of other formalities fall into our obligation - the task of the owner is limited to the accepting the tenancy price negotiated by us.
Real estate management and administration
Proper inventory of the equipment and a description of the condition of the apartment at the commencement of the tenancy constitute important elements ensuring that the tenant will account of how well he or she takes care of the property entrusted to him or her. Entrusting us with this task offers not only certainty with regard to the formal aspects of handing over but it also offers you the possibility to save your time.
Handling of tenancy contracts on behalf of the owner
Apartments entrusted to us every half a year undergo an inspection during which we assess their technical condition a d the way how tenants take care of apartments. Additionally, we trace any potential defect not reported by them. On the basis of such detailed inspection we conduct a report for the owner which includes recommendations with regard to potential repairs, the method of funding them (shall they burden the tenant or the owner ) and – what is most important – the opinion with regard the tenant himself/herself.
Making payments for cooperatives and utilities providers
Anyone who has rented an apartment knows how absorbing and stressful it can be to ask for rental payment. We release owners from this obligation saving them such difficult situations. Additionally, we handle the matters with the observation of all the required by law procedures, thanks to which in the situation when the case is filed to the court, lawyers representing the owner have an easier task as at the side of the owner there is no case of negligence or failures (the appropriate number and form of calls for payments, the appropriate substantiating of the debt etc.)
Payment control and debt collecting
The settlements prepared by us are clear, shall there be any doubts we are at the disposal of landlords to provide them with additional clarifications. With us you will not delay with the payment of the rental payment to the housing cooperative or the charges for power or gas supply or the provision of TV, Internet. We will pay all liabilities of such type on your behalf.
 Supervision over the apartment
We cooperate with well-proved companies whose employees demonstrate not only high standard skills, but also a high working culture. We cooperate with reliable companies whose services provided are highly valued by clients.
Conducting of the report substantiating the condition of the real estate
How to differentiate so famous normal wear and tear from damage whose cost of repair shall be covered by the tenant? How to inform the tenant, how to settle such issues?. Our clients do not need to know the answers to these questions and to deal with stressful situations; it is our obligation under the tenancy management contract.

A comprehensive service of management is offered to investment clients, within the scope of such service we fully relieve the owner from all the technical activities related to renting the real estate.

Capital investment in the apartment for renting means almost a certain profit. Miminise Risk , assuming the entirety of obligations which shall be systematically performed in the course of renting out the apartment. You may enjoy the profit and we will carry out all the hard work for you