Analysis and reports regarding the real estate market

We prepare analysis and reports in the field of the real estate market which optimize decisions of the developer. Their creation is based on the biggest in Poland our own database regarding:

  • Preferences of clients– about 150 thousand annually
  • Transaction prices – about 11 thousand apartments sold annually
  • Offer prices – real base of over 50 thousand offers
  • Purchase structure of the real estate market – detailed information regarding transactions and offers.

Client's preferences statistics

The unique asset of Home Broker refers to clients’ preferences statistics which are not maintained at such a scale by any other entity at the market. Annually, we collect approximately 150 thousand statistics – they are real data referring to popular locations, prices, areas, number of rooms and the type of the real estate. On the basis of such statistics we are able to determine specifically the demand in the market.

Assessment and rationalization of the project

Qualified real estate market analysts as well as consultants specialized with regard to investment projects handling conduct the assessment and rationalization of the project. We guarantee an individual approach to each partner and investment.

We consult project already at the stage of its planning. We help you decide what to build, where and in what manner it shall be done. Our work allows us to reduce, among other, the requirements of the resale as well as to make the offer of the bank lending more attractive. Consultancy at the stage of the investment planning consists of, among others, assistance with regard to:

  • demining the location for the project
  • establishing the nature of the investment and the target group
  • specifying the layout of apartments (area, number of rooms)
  • determining the optimum pricelist for the premises
  • creating of the sales model
  • identifying competitors
  • finding the market niche and its filling